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Prior to my first exposure to RIFE technology, I had been experimenting with sonic output frequencies and their influence on human physiology for decades. When I was introduced to TrueRife, I recognized the superior results available through their RIFE instruments.

At the time, I was most interested in RIFE research pertaining to Migraines. I expected to plug in my new TrueRife machine and be on my way. It didn't work that way. As it turns out, there were no effective RIFE protocols that focused on my particular interests. What made matters more frustrating, there was no real procedure in place for discovering the right direction to take my RIFE research. I quickly learned that, as Mike at TrueRife often likes to say, I had to go to war!

There are three contributions of which we are quite proud. The first is the Massive GRS Scan Series. There was previously no RIFE research scan that was so broad in its scope. This one seems to address many of the most common interests in the RIFE arena in a reasonable amount of time. We are also proud to have contributed the Depression 7 Day Recovery Series to the TrueRife Research Network. Since contributing it, many people have expressed appreciation for it. Additionally, we have an arrangement with TrueRife whereby all our primary Lyme Disease Research is automatically uploaded to their Lyme Protocols XP 2013 folder.

Of course, we have contributed many other protocols, putting people ahead of profits. As a community, we rely on one another to uphold the integrity of Rife Research and the individual value and dignity of each member. The health and welfare of the Rife Research Community is our paramount concern. To that end, even when we are required to maintain control of research models and resources, we actively communicate with TrueRife to make our Research Network aware of the important resources that are freely available to them.

We work with a select group of Primary Field Researchers in order to pursue Traditional Frequency Research Methods, identify additional Resources and Publications, and validate both Traditional and Non-Traditional Resources. We also use systems of Advanced Data Analysis and Reconfiguration to developed sophisticated Heuristic Algorithms which allow us to Extrapolate Frequencies of Correlative Indications for similar organisms for which frequencies already exist, using those frequencies to establish frequencies for additional organisms.

We continue to compile an extensive database that tracks the relationships between different organisms, systems, commands, and frequencies. We endeavor to utilize as many tools as possible in the development of our protocols. We also work hard to expand the boundaries of Rife Research.

Within the standard range of frequencies that TrueRife instruments generate, less than four (4) dozen remain unmapped. TrueRife has made great strides in consolidating and annotating their frequency list. Still, there are many RIFE protocols that have yet to be produced from the TrueRife Frequency List. Additionally, as their instruments have continued to improve through the years, there has been an increasing opportunity to adjust the existing protocols in order to take full advantage of their instruments.

We have dedicated ourselves to the continued refinement of Frequency Research and Protocol Development Services, so that TrueRife can focus their efforts toward the improvement of their instruments, to the benefit of all TrueRife Researchers. As part of our mission, we strive to assist in arranging schedules that are both manageable and relevant to our clients, in view of their individual interests and needs. We will always try to direct researchers to those resources that are freely available. And, we are available for Rife Research analysis and consultation, to members of the TrueRife Research Network, without charge. After all, we're here to help!


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