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Our arrangement is very simple. First let us know what you want to research. We'll develop a protocol or regimen that focuses on that specific RIFE research. Then, we'll let you know when it is ready for you; usually within one business day.  We'll discuss with you what your Regimen consists of, before you decide which package to consider. Once we receive payment, we will email your service package to you.

If you use web-mail (ie. or, etc.), rather than an e-mail client (ie. Windows Live Mail or Microsoft Outlook), you can also copy and paste this email address into it. If you use a Spam or Junk email filter, please be sure to add our email address to your approved senders list. If you don't get a response from us within 24 hours, please re-send your original email, or send us a new one letting us know that you never received a response. We make every effort to respond as quickly as is possible, during regular business hours [Eastern Time Zone].


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