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What does FPS charge for their services?

At this time, we have chosen to keep a very simple pricing structure. Frequency Protocol Services, LLC, offers two packages:

1) The first is a single Rife Research Protocol, made to run on TrueRife instruments.

    - The charge for Protocol services is $85.00 US, per Protocol.

2) The second is a complete Rife Research Regimen package.

    - The charge for Regimen services is $245.00, per Regimen.

Here is what you will receive in the Regimen package:

     A) A full set of directly related Rife Research Protocols, focusing on your specific Research interest; such as a TrueRife Spiral/Zinger, a TrueRife Hammer/Qx2 Overnight, and an Ion Pro Wave, etc.

     B) Recommendation of how those Rife Research Protocols might most effectively be utilized in conjunction with one another.

     C) Additionally, you may receive a GRS I/II/III Scan Protocol that can be run after the completion of the minimum research period

          This will help you to effectively assess your Rife Research, up to that point.

     D) Reasonable modification of your original Rife Research Protocols will be made, either resulting from a completed scan that you have submitted for analysis, or in order to more closely accommodate your unique needs and constraints.

The advantage to the Regimen package is that, not only do you get a break on the initial price as compared to purchasing the RIFE protocols separately, after the free revision, your total savings could be substantial!


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