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What is RIFE?

RIFE is a reference to research equipment inspired by Dr. Royal Raymond Rife.

He proved that electromagnetic fields could influence the function of living cells or organisms. His research demonstrated that certain pathogens are susceptible to specific frequencies. Today, this research has continued, and expanded to include elements of resonance and micro-current.

One might think of this along these lines:

All living things, from the smallest virus to the tallest redwood are essentially electrochemical organisms, that is to say, electrochemical batteries. The fundamental function of all components of all living things is to generate, store and utilize bioelectricity. When that flow of energy is disrupted, to any degree, there are effects that are discernable throughout the entire organism. What those precise effects are is partly what is being researched. There is strong evidence that certain frequencies cause some kind of physiological response in many subjects.

Any instrument referred to as RIFE equipment is intended to induce an electromagnetic field, at specific frequencies, in an effort to research the effects of these frequencies. At this time, however, governmental regulations and various other laws prohibit anyone from making any medical claims regarding these instruments or technology. Further, they require that any expressions made include the statement that such instruments or technology are strictly theoretical, unproven, and for research purposes only. Neither RIFE technology nor any anecdotal expressions regarding it have been tested or approved by any official agency.

What are the RIFE Frequencies?

The most commonly employed RIFE frequencies range from just above 10,000Hz, or 10KHz, to a single cycle per second, or 1 Hertz. However, some RIFE instruments are capable of processing frequencies up to 2.5MHz (2,500,000Hz), or greater. There is anecdotal association between specific RIFE frequencies and any of thousands of various parasites, pathogens, or physiological processes. Those associated indications, that is 'what the research on that frequency focuses on', vary from the stimulation of normal body functions to the devitalization of pathogens or parasites. Such anecdotal statements or experiences have not been evaluated by any official agency. The research is strictly theoretical and unproven. No medical claims are made or implied for any RIFE devices or associated frequencies. They are not intended to diagnose, cure, prevent, treat or mitigate any medical condition or disease. They are for research purposes only.

What are Frequency Sets?

Because more than one RIFE frequency may be involved in research with regard to any given associated indication, many researchers have collected those RIFE frequencies into a group associated with that indication. These are referred to as Frequency Sets. However, since RIFE instruments vary greatly, not all frequencies can be run on all instruments. In order for the RIFE instruments to utilize these Sets of Frequencies, there are specific commands that need to be supplied for the particular hardware being used.

What is a RIFE Protocol?

Once a set of RIFE frequencies has been identified and one wants to apply those frequencies in their RIFE research, various guidelines have been established as to what commands are used with different RIFE frequencies for that specific application. These guidelines also vary from one Electromagnetic Experimental Machine [EMEM] manufacturer to the next. Many people have developed the custom of calling the whole set of commands and frequencies a program. However, the word program can be ambiguous.

The software used to run those commands and frequencies is called a program. The recommended course of application of the set of commands and frequencies might also be called a program, as in, "Get with the program!". For the sake of eliminating any confusion or ambiguity, we call the set of commands and frequencies the Protocol; and the recommended course of application (in keeping with the current trend in that line of research) we call a Regimen.

What does all this mean?

We, at Frequency Protocol Services, LLC, write RIFE Protocols and/or establish Regimens specifically designed to run exclusively on TrueRife instruments using the latest TrueRife F100 software program. This means that it may not work on any other brand of EMEM hardware. It also means that we do not support any other EMEM hardware or their various command structures. For this reason, we only intend to provide these RIFE Protocols and Regimens for members of the TrueRife Research Network.

Why TrueRife?

Since Rife Research has really taken off, starting in the late 1980s, people from all over the world have experimented with various designs of EMEM technology. From that time on, several Rife Researchers have compiled lists of frequencies based upon their research. Initially, while some of this research began with information from Dr. Royal Raymond Rife's notes, much of it involved the process of going through the available frequencies until responses were discovered and documented. Over time, these lists of RIFE Frequencies were consolidated and annotated. Back around 2002, TrueRife endeavored to locate the most reliable and theoretically sound instruments and refine them to produce the most stable and consistent output possible. This included both their RIFE Frequency Generators and Output Devices, most particularly Cold Plasma Bulbs. This has also grown to include advanced grounding instruments and scanning technology.

Through an ever-growing network of researchers and careful corroborating research, TrueRife has developed a proprietary frequency list that is exclusive to TrueRife. The combination of their superior instruments and their proprietary frequency list truly makes TrueRife the leader in EMEM Frequency Delivery Instruments. Moreover, because the TrueRife Research Network works closely together, as a group they have made some of the greatest advances in Rife Research. We hope to continue in that fine tradition by contributing to the expansion and refinement of Rife Frequency Research through effective TrueRife Protocol and Regimen Development.


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None of the statements presented in this website have been tested or approved by any official agency. The content herein should in no way be construed as medical diagnosis, medical advice, or recommendations as to a particular method of therapy to treat, cure, or mitigate any medical condition. Frequency Protocol Services, LLC, (FPS) does not recommend or endorse any specific method of medical treatment. Each individual should carefully evaluate available approved methods of medical diagnosis and treatment, and then make their own personal, well-educated decision. Neither Frequency Protocol Services nor TrueRife make or imply any medical claims regarding any RIFE instruments, protocols, regimens or research. They are not intended to diagnose, cure, prevent, treat or mitigate any medical condition or disease. FDA approved medical tests should be done to diagnose any health condition. Consult your physician. All RIFE instruments and technology, including any frequencies and protocols, are for research purposes only.